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About Tea with Xanthe

My definition of a perfect day is having tea in a sunny garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers, streaming sunlight, and buzzing bees!  Tea with Xanthe was born of that vision - Xanthe (pronounced "Zan-thee") is a name from Greek mythology, meaning "yellow" or "the golden one," and to me represents the sunshine streaming through my garden of designs.  All of my designs feature either photos of the flowers in my garden or hand-drawn sketches inspired by them.  My goal is to bring the beauty and joy I see in the flowers in my summertime garden into the rest of the year, and life!  


It's such a joy to see my designs come to life on a host of beautiful products for the home.  I use leading print-on-demand sites like Society6, Redbubble, and BagsofLove to manufacture my products one at a time, at the time of purchase.  My shop pages offer a curated selection of my favorites with links to buy or explore more.  And if you're a fabric lover or quilter, you can find all of my 700+ designs on Spoonflower, where you can order them in custom yardage on over 20 beautiful fabrics.  Hope you enjoy browsing, and thank you for visiting!

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